Skippered Yacht Charter Cyclades Islands and The Saronic

Skippered Charter Athens Saronic & Cyclades Islands

If you are travelling to Greece via Athens and would like to discover the Greek islands with family and friends a skippered yacht charter sailing around the Saronic or Cyclades islands is an ideal choice.

The myriad of islands in the Aegean offer a rich mix of old and new Greece, traditional fishing villages and cosmopolitan towns. The sailing conditions from Athens can mean longer days’ sailing to get from island to island, especially around the Cyclades as well as more exhilarating sailing conditions in stronger winds and more open seas.

We have widest selection of latest model monohull and catamaran yachts from 38 feet with 3 cabins to 54 feet with 6 cabins. 

What to expect on a skippered yacht charter

Your skipper will sail the yacht and you can choose how much time you spend sailing, swimming and relaxing each day. With their knowledge of the Greek islands your skipper will help you plan the perfect route so you can visit a different port, fishing village or more bustling town each day and explore the best bays, beaches, restaurants and tavernas

  • 30 minute transfer from Athens airport to marina yacht base
  • Lots of shops, bakeries and markets to buy food & drink for your yacht at the start & during your charter
  • A 24/7 sea view
  • Swimming off the back of your yacht in warm, clear waters
  • Sail and explore a different island, harbour or bay every day
  • Always a waterfront table and magnificent view
  • Spend evenings ashore and enjoy the best restaurants and cafes
  • Visit beautiful natural bays only accessible on a yacht for lunch, swimming, snorkelling & relaxing
  • No fixed itineraries – you decide the pace, where to go and when with the help of our indepth knowledge and expert guidance
  • A fun, romantic or relaxing escape
  • You choose how much sailing and how much swimming, sunbathing and relaxing you do each day. 


The Saronic & Cyclades Islands

For a one week skippered yacht charter from Athens we love to sail around the Saronic islands and the eastern coast of the Peloponnese. This sailing area has unspoilt beaches, beautiful coastlines together with sleepy picturesque fishing villages, ancient history and vibrant cosmopolitan ports. The islands include Hydra, Spetses and Aegina with waterfront restaurants and chilled out bars which have long been the holiday hideout of the rich and famous. For those new to sailing and for families with younger children we also recommend the Saronics as the sailing time between each island and port is less than around the Cyclades islands. The weather and sea conditions are also a lot calmer and more sheltered in the Saronics.

For two week charters you can venture further afield to explore some of the Cyclades islands. With stronger winds, more open seas and longer distances between the islands we recommend exploring this area of the Aegean if you feel confident to face more challenging sailing conditions.

The yacht base at Alimos marina is a short transfer from Athens airport. It’s an ideal place to start a yacht charter exploring the Saronic or Cyclades islands as well as taking in the wonders of the city of Athens.

The Yachts

We have the widest choice of very modern, highly specified and award winning yachts and catamarans. The yachts are all the latest models and range in size from 38 feet with 3 cabins to 55 feet with 6 cabins to suit couples, families and groups of friends.

Mooring your yacht around the Greek islands is usually free. Mooring, power and water at the full-service marina yacht base at Alimos, Athens is included in the yacht charter price. During your charter you will generally moor each night in a small harbour or town quay without charge. There are also some bays where you can moor for free and take your dinghy ashore. There are only a handful of places in the sailing area where mooring fees are due and your skipper can advise you of these before you visit them. Fuel is fairly inexpensive and generally costs between £70-£150 per week, depending on the size of your yacht.

Your Skipper  

All the skippers are friendly, expert sailors with lots of knowledge about the local destinations to make sure you get the most out of your holiday. The skippers all speak English and enjoy sharing their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for sailing whilst making sure you have a fun and relaxing sailing holiday. If you would like to learn more about sailing our skippers are happy for you to get involved.

Your skipper stays on the yacht and will need their own cabin onboard so you’ll need to make sure you choose a yacht with enough sleeping space for everyone. Your skipper will help and advise about provisioning your yacht throughout the charter. When hiring a skipper you are responsible for their food. You simply need to include them in your plans for food and drinks on board.  In the evening you can choose to take them with you or just cover their inexpensive meal.  The skippers are extremely professional and personable and provide discreet and unobtrusive assistance throughout your yacht charter.  Our customers find that their skipper makes their holiday something really extra special as they become welcome additions on the yachts they sail.

Special Celebrations & Romantic Escapes

A skippered yacht charter makes for an unforgettable celebration or a perfect romantic getaway. With a wide range of yachts to choose from there will be a yacht to suit every requirement and budget.

A yacht charter honeymoon is a magical and romantic experience never to be forgotten. Visit remote beaches, small islands and beautiful secluded anchorages that cruise ships and hotel guests never see. Wake up in a different bay or picturesque town each morning and enjoy great sailing, swimming, snorkelling and diving in crystal clear, calm waters.


New to Sailing & Family Sailing

If you don’t need to travel via Athens, are new to sailing, prefer shorter sailing days or have younger children we recommend the Ionian islands of Greece as the ideal sailing destination.




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