One Week South Ionian Yacht Charter Itinerary #2

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This South Ionian Yacht Charter Itinerary allows you to sail Ionian islands of Greece on a one week sailing holiday mooring at a different port or village every evening exploring the islands of Lefkas, Meganissi, Kastos, Ithaca and Kefalonia.



Nautical Miles

Lefkas Marina Vathi, Meganissi 12 Nm
Vathi,  Port Kastos, Kastos 17 Nm
Port Kastos Kioni, Ithaca 14 Nm
Kioni Sami, Kefalonia 19 Nm
Sami Fiskardo, Kefalonia 14 Nm
Fiskardo Vassiliki, Lefkas 11 Nm
Vassiliki Dessimi Bay 13 Nm
Dessimi Bay Lefkas Marina 11 Nm
Island Sailing Lefkada yacht charter
Also known as Lefkada, Lefkas Town is the capital of the island of Lefkas situated on the northeast coast where the island is joined to the mainland by a causeway and 50 metre swing bridge. Lefkas...
Karangio Vathy Meganissi
Vathi (or Port Vathy) is a small port on the North east coast of Meganissi island (or Meganisi) and lies just east of Spartahori. Vathy is a real Ionian jewel, tranquil and beautiful with a really...
Island Sailing
Quiet and tranquil the beautiful southern Ionian island of Kastos has a very small population and only one village. A really beautiful setting with excellent swimming and snorkeling it is fast...
Island Sailing
The dramatic horseshoe bay and village of Kioni is one of the most beautiful places to visit whilst on a yacht charter holiday in the Greek Ionian. The entrance to Kioni bay is overlooked by three...
Island Sailing
Fiskardo (or Fiscardho or Fiskardho!) is a bustling, crescent shaped harbour with brightly painted houses, harbour side cafes and restaurants. Located on the northern tip of Kefalonia, Fiskardo is a...
Island Sailing
South of Agios Euphemia on Kefalonia is Sami. Sami used to be the capital town of the island of Kefalonia and is more commercial than other places, it is the second busiest port on Kefalonia serving... Vassiliki, Lefkada
To the southwest of Lefkada, the beautiful port town of Vassiliki deep in the large bay has maintained its authentic atmosphere, which blends well with the vibrance of the quayside bars, restaurants...
Island Sailing
Dessimi Bay (or Dessimou Bay) on the east coast of Lefkas island is a beautiful anchorage with spectacular views out towards the Meganissi channel and beyond. The Eastern side of Dessimi bay is very...
Island Sailing
Home to Island Sailing’s Greece yacht charter base the modern marina on the beautiful Greek Ionian island of Lefkas (also known as Levkas or Lefkada) is the only island in Greece accessible by...

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