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The original name for a new generation of yachting


Island Sailing was born in 2009.

Created from the need for a type of charter company that could not be found elsewhere. A charter company for a broad range of independent, discerning travelers seeking a quality yacht charter experience individually tailored to them.

At the beginning, Island Sailing launched two brand new sailing yachts showcasing the most exciting and innovative yacht design (with the first super-sized bathing platform) based at Lefkas marina in the Greek Ionian islands. The decision to commission exciting, cutting-edge design modern yachts has become synonymous with the company.

From the start, a loyal following developed for Island Sailing from first-time charterers to seasoned sailors, across all generations travelling from many countries around the world to sail around the Greek islands.

Island Sailing continued to attract the attention and support of the yacht charter community. Having successfully managed every aspect of charter operations from the ground up a reputation for attention to detail, premium quality yachts and service excellence rapidly spread.

As popularity rose, Island Sailing launched into additional destinations in 2013 to offer the best, most sought-after sailing locations in Greece followed by Croatia in 2018 and most recently Italy.

Over the years, Island Sailing’s thoughtfully selected modern sailing yachts evolved to include catamarans, larger skippered yachts and now also include the Mediterranean’s largest choice of crewed sailing monohull and catamaran yachts.


Island Sailing‘s growing team have ambitious plans, and an inspirational vision to unlock further potential, across the Mediterranean as well as exploring wider horizons in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean.

Who is Island Sailing today?

Island Sailing remains the yacht charter sailing company you know and love, but we are entering a new chapter in our story.


Is proud to be a British company, and equally fortunate to have lived, worked and sailed in the destinations we offer.

Will always stay true to the premium, professional and tailor-made service that is unique to Island Sailing.

Believes in a personal, exclusive and knowledgeable approach with the widest choice of thoughtfully selected, quality yachts.

Strives to put our customers first.

This is an exciting time of growth for Island Sailing.

Thank you for being part of this journey.


Trusted for our expertise and with many decades and thousands of miles spent sailing in some of the world’s most stunning destinations our collective knowledge serves to make your yacht charter experience exceptional. When it comes to our approach we’re proud to say we’re different to your average yacht charter company. We offer something a little more special.

Jonny Hope

“The ultimate value of Island Sailing for our customers is our people. It is their knowledge, expertise and passion that ensures you get the best yacht charter experience imaginable.”

Nathalie Kouzi

“We’ve been fortunate to live and work in the destinations we offer. We have created enduring partnerships over many years and work with dedicated, hardworking teams of local, friendly experts on the ground who deliver the quality our clients have come to expect.”

Ruth Hope

“We know from experience what makes a great yacht charter; from the yachts, to the destination, the sailing area and the crews and so all of these elements are carefully chosen and tailor-made for you.”

Theo Mitsouras

“We’re defined by the quality of our yachts owned by professional fleet operators chosen for their exacting standards. We know from experience what makes a great yacht charter and that’s why we only choose a fraction of boats offered to us”.

Our People

Our amazing team of dedicated and enthusiastic people who love hot sunshine, warm water and cool yachts. Together with professional sailors, crew, support staff and our co-founders we all share a passion travel and exploring from the sea. With energy and expertise we set the highest standards of professionalism and service in our industry. Most importantly our goal is to make perfect dream yacht charters and life-long memories.

What Our Customers Say


Our yacht charters our thoughtfully tailor-made to minimise negative impacts on the environment and maximise upon local economies. We like to keep things local. We ensure the local maritime and tourist economies where the yachts we offer are based are supported. Having community involvement and embracing local knowledge, skills, products and services offers visitors a more genuine traveler experience whilst directly contributing to the local economy.


The sailing yachts we offer are the most environmentally friendly way to travel and explore. We can help you source local, organic produce and our environmental policies and initiatives can help you take control of the environmental impact of your yacht charter. We are passionate sailors who strive to look after the waters and wildlife where we sail through our own actions and by helping to educate others. We are proud to support effective grass-roots conservation initiatives to protect the environment, restore nature and safeguard against climate change.