Weather Ionian, Lefkas Greece

The Ionian Islands of Greece have a Mediterranean climate with beautiful long, warm summers and the sun shines here for over 3000 hours a year!


Perfect sailing holiday weather guaranteed

Temperatures in the Ionian Islands including Corfu, Levkas, Paxos, Ithaca, Meganissi and Kefalonia rise in the spring and are followed by long beautiful summers. Spring comes early to the Ionian islands of Greece and it warms up quickly between March and May when warm, sunny days are in abundance.

Fantastic summer sailing holiday weather can be enjoyed from May until the end of September when you can expect long, sunny days with very little rain at all. During the summer months the weather throughout the Ionian islands is consistently warm both day and night. During spring and autumn it is still warm during the day, but can be a little cooler at night but always pleasant. Seasonal winds keep air fresh and make the Ionian perfect for sailing.

Average Temperatures in the Greek Ionian Islands

Average temperatures rise from 18°C at the start of May to 28°C in July and can hit the mid-30°C in July and August at the height of summer although the consistent winds bring fresh airs.

Month °C °F
April 18 64
May 22 72
June 26 79
July 28 82
August 29 84
September 26 79
October 22 72


Ionian Sunrise and Sunset times

Throughout the sailing season the Ionian Islands of Greece enjoy long warm days. The sunrise and sunset times below for each month of the sailing season from April until October are the averages for each month and are in local time.

Month Sunrise Sunset
April 07:02 20:14
May 06:26 20:43
June 06:12 21:04
July 06:24 21:02
August 06:51 20:33
September 07:18 19:47
October 07:46 19:00


Average Ionian Seawater Temperatures

The temperatures are seawater surface averages for the inshore waters around the Ionian islands in bays, coves, shallow anchorages and secluded beaches. Ionian sea temperatures hit 20°C in May and are still around 22°C in October. The water surrounding the Southern Ionian Islands are 1 to 2 degrees' celsius warmer than the Northern Ionian sea.

Month °C °F
April 19 66
May 20 68
June 23 73
July 25 77
August 28 82
September 27 80
October 22 72
The highest sea temperature recorded recently was 29.5°C in August by Island Sailing charterer Richard & Judy Johnson whilst anchored in their favourite cove Gidhakiou near Vathi, Ithaca. Click here to read their yacht charter diary.

Sailing conditions around the Ionian islands

The Ionian islands of Greece are renowned for perfect sailing conditions. The Ionian is ideal for sailors of all abilities, and although it is one of the safest and most calm sailing holiday destinations there is still plenty of wind to have some really fun sailing adventures. Whether you are on a bareboat yacht charter, skippered yacht charter, flotilla sailing holiday or on a sailing course sailing conditions are consistently favourable.

On a usual day in the Ionian winds build around midday onwards and drop again at sunset - ideal for a great afternoon's sailing. This means you can spend the morning gently meandering around the emerald waters to a lunch time stop in a secluded bay and go for a swim or snorkel, have lunch on board or at a friendly waterfront taverna and then enjoy a great sail to your evening destination!

The winds in the Ionian are perfect for yacht charter sailing holidays as they are fairly consistent and usually result in a very calm evening, at night the winds usually die right down leaving the water looking like a mill pond. This means that you can anchor off in confidence if you choose or have a comfortable night on a quay.

The Ionian has a wonderful Mediterranean climate and sailors experience a reliable Maistro wind throughout the summer sailing season unlike other areas of Greece like the Saronic Gulf, Cyclades, Aegean Sea and Sporades/Dodecanese that can suffer from strong or irregular Meltimi winds.