How to get to the Ionian

How to get to the Ionian

How to get to Lefkas

Fly to

Lefkas / Preveza

on Sundays


20 minutes

Fly direct from the UK to Preveza (PVK), the local airport for Yacht Charters in the Ionian. We can organise the 20 minutes transfer to Lefkas Marina by luxury private taxi or luxury private MPV/mini-coach.  All flights from the UK to PVK fit with our sailing schedules.

Gatwick Easyjet, Monarch, Thomas Cook Airlines & Thomson Airways
Heathrow British Airways Charter Flight
Manchester Easyjet, Monarch, Thomas Cook Airlines & Thomson Airways
Birmingham Monarch


Other ways to get to Lefkas

Fly to

Corfu on

Saturdays or


Fly to Corfu (CFU) with British Airways, Easyjet, Monarch or Ryanair on Saturdays or Sundays from Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh or East Midlands. There is a fast shuttle plane running direct between Corfu and Preveza which takes around 25 minutes and costs around £50 including luggage. You can also travel to Lefkas from Corfu by ferry and road and we can assist with transfers.


Fly to

Kefalonia on


Fly to Kefalonia with Easyjet, Thomas Cook Airlines, Thomson Airways or Monarch and transfer over to Lefkas by ferry and road. We can assist with organising transfers for you.


Fly to Athens

Fly to Athens with Easyjet, British Airways, Aegean Airlines, Ryanair or Olympic Air. Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air offer internal flights between Athens and Preveza/Lefkas or you can take a taxi, minibus or coach to Lefkas. We can organise taxi or minicoach transfers for you.

holidays to Zakynthos or Paxos

For multi-destination holidays including travelling from/to Zakynthos (Zante) or Paxos we can assist with organising your transfers for you.


Travelling to Lefkas from destinations across Europe & Worldwide

Fly direct on Saturday or Sunday to Lefkas, Preveza (PVK) from AustriaGermany, The Netherlands, Norway or Sweden

Fly direct to Corfu (CFU) with a huge choice of airlines from airports throughout Europe.

Fly direct to Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos"(ATH) from over 30 countries worldwide.


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